Lexmark 13619HC/12A1980/17G0060/15M0120 Refill Instruction

1. The filler holes of the cartridge are located under the top.

    Remove the top before refilling by carefully prying it off with pocket knife.

2. It's a good move to check the color chambers with a tooth pick before putting in ink.

    The chambers are somewhat dry and you might have to push the tooth pick in far to get ink on it.

3. Place the printhead on several layers of paper towels to absorb any excess ink while refilling.

4. Insert the filling needle into the filler hole of the color to be refilled.

5. Slowly inject up to 8 ml. of ink for each color until the sponge is saturated.

Important: When you take off the color cartridge cap will notice that the sponge is white.

Do not change the sponge color. Fill the individual colors until

the color just begins to show in the white sponge.

6. After refilling, the top can be put back on with scotch tape.

7. Set the cartridge in a little container for 5 minutes as a drip precaution.

    Clean the printhead with a paper towels. Make sure no dripping,

    then install the cartridge to make a test print.

    Suggest refilling sequence Yellow > Magenta > Cyan.

    Clean the syringe with water and shake several times to let residual water out before different color refilling.

* Refill immediately once cartridge empty