HP 6615/51645/51640 Refill Instruction

Posted by Brian On May - 1 - 2012

HP 6615/51645/51640 Refill Instruction

1. Turn the cartridge upside down. Take off the black plastic film and

    push in the ball bearing which seals the filling hole,

    use the Allan wrench provided.

    You can also push the ball bearing in without removing the plastic film if you like.

2. Slowly inject up to 30 ml. of ink into the filling hole.

    You may add an additional 5 cc if the cartridge will take it.

3. Seal the filling hole by squeezing the cartridge sides

    (this will create a vacuum when let go) and screwing in the set screw provided

    ( the set screw will self-tap and form an excellent plug which can be removed and re-installed each time you refill).

    Screw in the set screw by the Allen wrench until it is flush with the bottom of the cartridge.

    Some ink may leak from the print head.

4. Set in a little container for 30 minutes as a drip precaution.

    Clean the printhead with a paper towel. Make sure no dripping, then install the cartridge to make a test print.

    If printout shows too much ink, let the cartridge touch a paper towel to draw out the excess ink.

    Make a test print again until printout good enough.

5. Clean the syringe with water and dry for future use.

* Refill immediately once cartridge is empty.