HP 6614/51626/51629 Refill Instruction

Posted by Brian On May - 1 - 2012

HP 6614/51626/51629 Refill Instruction

1. First make sure the printhead is in good shape.

    Usually if the printhead is in good shape (not clogged), refilling would be perfect.

    If the printhead has dried out, you have to unclog the head to make sure it’s thorough.

    Otherwise it still won’t print even after a refill.

2. Before refilling, you need to prepare a working area covered with layers of newspaper.

    Get awl, syringe, silicon, and small containers ready

3. On the top cover of the cartridge (3mm away from both sides),

    use an awl to drill a hole of 2 mm. in diagram (as shown in drawing).

    Put the cartridge in a small container.

    Use syringe to suck 25 ml. of proper ink and inject into cartridge through the hole you have just drilled.

    (If print head is not clogged the dripping will occur when you refill. So you need small containers for this).

    Use silicon to seal the hole right after refilling, making sure that the hole is totally sealed.

    Put the cartridge in the containers for 30 min. for the ink to drip to let excessive ink out

4. Use paper towel to clean the print head. Make sure it is not dripping.

    Then the cartridge is ready for use. Use syringe to rinse.

5. Clean the syringe with water and dry for future use.

* Refill immediately once the cartridge is empty.