HP 5010/5011 Refill Instruction

Posted by Brian On May - 1 - 2012

HP 5010/5011 (#14) Refill Instruction

1. Refill the cartridge in an area where you can tolerate a spill.

2. There are three filling holes located under the label.

    You can fill it with your finger.

    For the color cartridge, color sequence from left to right is

    Cyan > Magenta > Yellow (You may double check the colors by looking at the outlet ports).

3. Fill the syringe with correct ink. Push needle through the label into

    the center of the sponge of the correct filling hole.

    Very slowly inject up to 15 ml. of Black ink or 6 ml. of color ink for each color.

    In the meanwhile, watch the outlet port and stop filling once any trace of ink

    coming out is observed (If happened, draw back 1 ml. ink).

4. Set the cartridge in little container for 5 minutes as a drip precaution.

    Clean the printhead with a paper towel. Make sure no dripping, then install the cartridge.

5. Check your printer’s user manual to know how to “override” the

    cartridge (that means deactivating the ink level monitor because you cannot reset the microchip on the cartridge).

    Do overriding otherwise the refilled cartridge will not be accepted by the printer. Make a test print.,

6. Clean the syringe with water and dry for future use.

* For the color cartridge, suggest refilling sequence Yellow > Magenta > Cyan.

    Clean the syringe with water and shake several times to let residual water out before different color refilling.

* Refill immediately once cartridge is empty.