Epson S020089/S020097/S020191/T014/T020 Refill Instruction


1. Put the cartridge on the paper towels in as area where you can tolerate a spill.

2. Seal the outlet hole in the base of the cartridge with thin regular tape.

3. Fill the syringe with 6 ml. ink for each color. Push needle through the top

    label into the sponge of the correct filling hole (see diagram).

    Very SLOWLY inject ink into the sponge.

4. A little ink might come out of the top once full. In that case, stop filling right away,

    move needle up to the top of the sponge, and withdraw 1 ml. ink.

5. When finished, tap the cartridge on any hard surface several times to let ink

   fully go down to the outlet, and seal the filling hole with tape.

6. Install the cartridge and run 1-3 cleaning cycle as per printer instructions.

* Suggest refilling sequence Yellow > Magenta > Cyan.

  Clean the syringe with water and shake several times to let residual water out before different color refilling.