Canon BCI-3/6 Refill Instruction

Posted by Brian On May - 1 - 2012

CANON BCI-3, BCI-6 Black/Color Refill Instruction

1. Cover the outlet hole(s) with Vinyl Tape tightly to prevent ink loss during refilling.

2. Use an awl to drill a 1/16' hole in the top of the ink chamber.

    There is a recess in front of the label that is an ideal spot to drill through.

3. Attach the needle to the syringe and fill with the correct color ink.

4. Slowly inject approximately 13 ml. of black ink (BCI-3) or 6 ml.

    of color ink (also BCI-6 black) into the filling hole until the

    ink chamber is almost full.

5. Seal the filling hole with silicon.

6. Remove the tape from the outlet hole(s).

7. Set in a little container for 30 minutes as a drip precaution.

    Expect a few drips until inside pressure stabilizes.

    If it looks like the dripping doesn't stop, then the filling hole has an air leak

    and is not sealed well.

8. Make sure no dripping, then install the cartridge to make a test print.

9. Clean the syringe with water and dry for future use.

* Refill immediately once cartridge empty.