CANON BCI-21/24 Color Refill Instruction

Posted by Brian On May - 1 - 2012

CANON BCI-21/24 Color Refill Instruction

1. The cap on the top of the cartridge must be removed.

    Hold the cartridge with the label facing you.

    Insert the blade of the knife where the cap meets

    the cartridge and twist to pop off the cap.

    You can also grab the cap with pliers and crack it off.

    Be careful not to break the finger on the back of the cartridge.

    This finger holds the cartridge into the print head.

2. Once the cap is off your will see 6 holes. The 3 larger holes are not fill holes.

   The smaller holes are the fill holes. In order to inject the ink

    you must first enlarge the fill holes, using an awl.

3. Tape over the two holes which you filling to prevent ink contamination or

    have the hole you are filling slightly angled down in case you over fill

    the ink will run away from the other two holes.

    Each color can only take up to 5 ml. when empty,

    Insert the needle into the top part of the inside sponge.

    Inject S-L-O-W-L-Y to fill the entire cartridge. In the meanwhile,

    watch the outlet hole and stop filling once any trace of ink

    coming out is observed (if happened, draw back a little). Tape back the cap.

4. Set the cartridge on a paper towel for 30 minutes as a drip precaution,

    then install the cartridge to make a test print.

5. Suggest refilling sequence Yellow > Magenta > Cyan.

   Clean the syringe with water and shake several times to let residual water out before different color refilling.

* Refill immediately once cartridge empty.