CANON BC-20,23 Refill Instruction

Posted by Brian On May - 1 - 2012

CANON BC-20, BC23 Refill Instruction

 1. Locate the round circle on top of the cartridge.

   There is a small hole off-center inside this round circle.

2. Use an awl to take out the plug in the hole.

3. Slowly inject up to 30 ml. of ink into the cartridge.

    Pause occasionally and let the sponge soak up the ink.

    The cartridge may not take all the ink since it may not be totally empty.

4. Press the printhead on a paper towel several times to check

    if any excess ink drops form.

    Set in a little container for 30 minutes as a drip precaution.

5. Put the plug back. Clean the printhead with a paper towel.

    Make sure no dripping, then install the cartridge to make a test print.

6. Clean the syringe with water and dry for future use.